Create Your Own Small World: Intro To Terrariums Workshop

Terrarium Workshop

Are You Ready To Make A Terrarium That Will Look Amazing No Matter Where You Place It?

Terrariums are all the rage these days and it’s no surprise given how beautiful and intriguing the mini ecosystem that exists inside them look like. Perfect as a focal discussion point in your home or a way to refresh your office space, terrariums require little care, and will lift up your area with minimum effort. Not only is this project an incredibly fun one to do, the results are beautiful and will leave your friends and loved ones exclaiming in surprise, and enquiring as to how they themselves, can get a hold of one.

In this ACTION-PACKED 2-hour workshop, you’ll discover how to source all the materials you’ll need, the average cost of creating such pieces, ideas on where you can take your new-found knowledge, and best-of-all, you get to take part in creating your very own terrarium that you get to keep and take home!

We can’t wait to share the joy we get from such a wonderful craft with you. Sign up today!

Optional Merchandise

The following merchandise is available for purchase with your ticket. Note that these can only be purchased with a ticket to the workshop, and come with a $10 discount if purchased during checkout. Alternatively, these can also be purchased on the day upon request. Please note that only a limited number of kits will be available and the $10 discount will not apply if purchased on the day.

Make-Your-Own Terrarium Kit + Terrarium Container (Normally $79.99)

  • 1 x All The Materials You’ll Need to make your next terrarium masterpiece
  • 1 x Hand-Sourced Terrarium container for your next terrarium masterpiece

Terrarium Decor + Care Kit (Normally $49.99)

  • 1 x Extra Long Tweezer for detailing work
  • 3 x Figurines for your next terrarium creation
  • 1 x Spray Bottle for watering your terrarium

Terrarium Container (Normally $44.99)

  • 1 x Hand-Sourced Terrarium Container for your next terrarium masterpiece

Frequently Asked Questions

Do I need to bring anything? All materials are provided. Just bring yourself (and a friend – classes are better with friends!) and lots of enthusiasm. Laughter optional (but highly recommended).

What if I have a plant that I’d really like to use? Bring it! The philosophy we have here is that anything in your home would either be something you love, or practical. If you combine both, all the better!

Will my terrarium look like anyone else’s? The interesting thing about this workshop is that despite using the same materials and the same processes, each terrarium is unique to the person making it. You’ll see what we mean!

About Small Worlds

Once upon a time, there were two friends who had inner artists, struggling to come to life. They also coincidentally shared a love for the simple things in life like putting plants in glass jars.

One day, in between lamenting the daily woes of demanding jobs and life stresses, they simultaneously had a lighting-bulb moment: What if, they could re-create specific joyous memories, significant life moments and awe-inspiring places that they had both travelled with plants in glass containers? From this simple question, Small Worlds came into existence, with the sole purpose of gifting those who should seek it, the power to create miniature worlds inside glass containers that are a reflection of how the maker sees the world.

A Letter From Karin And Kym


We are Karin and Kym! And together we want to take you into the amazing journey of the world of terrariums.

Make no mistake, this is not just a simple jar with some dirt and green stuff. No! This is much better than any other average experience. In our action-packed workshop, we want to give you the tools to create your own story, to have a little piece of green close to you that will evoke a memory or emotion, and teach you how to create art that has its own self-sustaining ecosystem.

We’ll share our secrets and our passion about nature, miniature plants, and design, and we’ll be mixing them all together in a way that, for all intensive purposes, is a creation that will be a masterpiece of life and love that you will want to share with your family and friends.

So we invite you to join us in the discovery of Small Worlds. We can’t wait to see your story come to life.

We can’t wait to meet you,

Karin and Kym

Sounds Great! How Do I Book?

Book online and/or purchase gift vouchers for friends or loved ones. Did you also know you can book into a private group workshop?